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Growing together

With your continued support we will continue to grow as an industry and as a community. Applying science and the latest research is only the beginning for us. We value the term, ‘business relationship’ and strive to create products that are functional and practical for practitioners, not just trends that will eventually sit in their dispensaries. We pay close attention and listen to health professionals have to say. Combining our scientists’ research and development with the practitioners’ own experiences and methods of delivery plays a great role in how we create our products and can sometimes lead as far as creating a custom product. Though we might not be able to cater to all requests, we listen to and read them all so please talk to us; all lines of communication are always open and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel.


Biological Botanicals Professional products are made with great care and integrity. From the sourcing of our ingredients right up to delivering them with a smile, we ensure the utmost care and finest control is taken during each step. We are constantly striving for better results and update our GMPs and SOPs as frequent as possible. We ensure that we put as much care and responsibility in what goes into your body as you do.

About our company

Biological Botanicals is a division of let it be. HEALTH™, headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia. let it be. HEALTH™ and Biological Botanicals originated from the philosophy of being able to harvest from nature and heal through the Earth. Thanks to modern science we can now adapt the philosophy to go beyond simply picking herbs from the soil. Our scientists travel the world to bring you the best ingredients and find new ways to extract them for potency and figure out how to improve their absorption. Our oath is to always reinvent ourselves as a company and to constantly provide better tools to help natural health practitioners create the proper foundations for health.

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