Where is Biological Botanicals made?

Biological Botanicals is proud to be made in Canada. We source premium ingredients from around the world and import them to Canada where we follow the guidelines as directed by Health Canada to create safe and secure products. In addition, we are extremely dedicated to maintaining a high quality control standard to ensure we deliver our customers the best products possible.

Do Biological Botanicals sell in stores?

No, Biological Botanicals are professional grade vitamins and supplements. We have a strict policy to ensure our products are distributed and recommended only under the supervision of licensed health practitioners.

What sort of safety measures are taken when creating your products?

We take precise measures in order to ensure our customers receive not only a high quality, but safe product. Not only have all of our formulas have been reviewed to meet government health standards but we have taken it upon ourselves to have our ingredients third party tested and approved. By doing so it gives us accurate and unbiased information on the effectiveness and quality of all our products.

Do your capsules contain GMO’s or any other harmful ingredients?

Our vegetarian capsules are GMO free. As per our gel capsules, we are constantly monitoring our sources for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Most our products do not contain: preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, sugar, milk, starch, wheat, corn, soy or yeast*.

* Biological Botanicals B12 contains artificial cherry flavouring and Biological Botanicals Chocolate Protein contains lactose and natural sugars.

Where can I find your products?

Tweet us, Facebook us, email us or submit a question on our website and let us know where you are and we will find the closest health professional in your area.

Where do you deliver?

Biological Botanicals is nationwide, if you have any questions regarding your province or would like to know about shipping to the States, please email sales@letitbehealth.com.

Does Biological Botanical use natural sources to create their vitamins?

We search the globe for the best and most effective ingredients from natural sources when possible. However, some items can only be synthesized and cannot be obtained from natural sources. When the option of using a natural source is unavailable, such as melatonin, we resort to ingredients that are synthesized in a lab. In short, yes, when possible, we use natural sources for our active ingredients.

What types of additives are used in creating the supplements?

One of our primary goals when adding inactive ingredients is to only use that which is needed to create a safe and effective product. Many people see binders, fillers and excipients and feel they are unnecessary and harmful. This is not always true, sometimes inactive ingredients are needed so the active ingredients can be time-released, or dispersed properly for absorption purposes. The science behind choosing the specific amounts and types of inactive ingredients is just as important and as necessary as it is with choosing the active ingredients. We keep safety and quality a top priority as well as product integrity and functionality as we formulate the inactive ingredient portion of each product.

What does sublingual mean?

Sublingual is Latin and literally means, under the tongue. Products that are sublingual are placed under the tongue to be absorbed by tissues and diffused directly into the blood instead of digested in the stomach or absorbed in the intestines. Some vitamins cannot be effectively absorbed through regular ingestion so sublingual products assist in faster and more direct absorption, such as B12.

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