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FAT LOSS – Aids in weight loss by supporting the metabolism of fat.
MUSCLE MASS & RECOVERY – Aids in the muscle recovery process by reducing muscle tissue damage from a weight
training regimen.
ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – Helps improve physical performance by delaying fatigue during physical activity.
ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT – Supports general health and disease prevention by protecting tissues from oxidative damage.
MALE FERTILITY – May provide sperm with added energy for the long journey to fertilize the female egg.
CHRONIC FATIGUE – May improve energy levels by increasing the body’s ability to produce energy.

Product Information

L-Carnitine is a nutrient typically found in many types of foods, such as red meats, dairy, nuts, avocado and the list goes on. As a supplement, it is most commonly taken for weight loss, increasing endurance and energy, and as a post workout agent for muscle fatigue and recovery. Its popularity rests on the essential role L-Carnitine plays in the body: It helps metabolize fat to provide energy to our muscles. In turn, this can support us in times when we need more energy, such as during or after physical activity.

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