Product Overview


We take great pride in being a true Canadian company. Each product is designed, tested, bottled and labelled in Canada.

Professionals Only

We stand behind each and every one of our products and thank all of the practitioners that carry our line for doing the same. Biological Botanicals are not to be sold in retail outlets; we have a strict policy to only sell in professional settings.


We have a full team of scientists and a range of natural health professionals in all fields to share their input while we consider which high quality ingredients to use during our product development stage. Dedicating our time and efforts into providing a line of products that are safe and effective for practitioners and their patients means we spend a great deal of time researching ingredients and how they work at the cellular level. Our primary concerns lie in how each ingredient interacts with each other and also how we can maximize absorption. Starting from basic health to prevention and chronic illness, all of our products meet the monograph standards of natural health products as directed by Health Canada. Each of our nutraceutical products contain only ingredients that are third party tested and certified so we can achieve optimal nutrition without worries of contamination or other impurities.

Functional Dosages

Our focus in on providing impactful products and quality ingredients that will work well on their own or in combinations for optimal results. Biological Botanicals provides health practitioners with ‘functional dosages.’ This means our products are scientifically formulated and measured to deliver therapeutic amounts of each ingredient in order for health practitioners to be able to advise patients of all ages and health ranges.

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